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Contact epitaphs in this life is flat, and then integrated other literature research, some scholars believe that the Qiang Di Cham princes, which means Di Qiang tyrannical family is descended, after migration to Taiyuan, and gradually finished. Sui Northern and Southern is all before the era of national integration, there are many ethnic minorities in […]

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This time turn dynasty emperor embarrassed. Want to punish illegal purpose tribute provincial officials, but the law is not responsible for the masses; If these tributes to return the provinces, shipping is a lot of money; if accepted these tributes, would not have gone back again? The ministers negotiate a compromise deal with the final […]

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The ancients recount their ancestors, always used the paste, surnamed Zhang Han to stay Houzhang Liang mostly descendants surnamed Sun mostly descendants of Sun Tzu, surnamed Jiang is naturally bloomer offspring, even with the Hu family room also gives origin Tang Chaohuang I pull myself a do Lier ancestors, Di home about also can not […]

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Wei Shouyang city was flooded, destroyed houses, the town on the city Unmanning Shuai Li CY, rainfall is more than, the water is still up, the walls reveal two version only. Advised him to go, he said: « I am a feet, Huainan collapse knot raft ferry people to flee as far as possible. » Cure rate […]

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« Historical Records » among otherwise few, also wrote that Han’s death, such as « Emperor of the century », « Chronology of the six countries » and « Han family, » but they are superficial, a word, does not constitute a complete, say, can only explain, indeed died Qin Han Fei’s hands. Han Fei’s death, so confusing being caught. What is the […]

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